Connecting You
to the Future
of Healthcare

Welcome to our healthcare community.

Merging Technology and Healthcare

Our CONSULT platform gives you access to Consultation and Care everywhere you are.

Take Control of Your Healthcare

AchievaMed MEMBER connects you to your provider, and your provider to you.

Evaluate Doctor and IPA Performance

Sophisticated tools empower medical directors to make critical fiscal choices.

Our Innovations Transform Healthcare
We build state-of-the art technology to help physicians remain independent
and successful during healthcare reform.


Patients, Caregivers

Members are able to CONNECT with doctors and care teams, schedule appointments, track referrals and send secure messages


Primary care, Specialists, & Hospitals

Providers can CONNECT with members, check claims and authorizations, submit referral requests, and coordinate care


HMO, PPO, Plans & Unions

CONNECT with us to check the status of member claims and authorizations, and to communicate with care teams

Get to know our suite of tools.


Medical history, eligibility history, secure messaging, appointment scheduling, and claim authorization status.


Helps our members care for their loved ones by connecting directly to our online health community.


Electronic consultation and healthcare data exchange between PCPs, specialists and members


Clinical information, practice enhancement and management tools for doctors and support staff


Workflow management for chief medical officers, hospitals and skilled nursing facilities


Supplies and services from leading manufacturers for members of our healthcare community


Proprietary analytics for administrators and financial officers


Claims review and payment for financial officers


Healthcare data sharing for our health plans partners. Claims, authorizations, quality metrics, and communication and collaboration tools for healthcare[ez6.5.1]-4.5.30319.42000